Dr. Howard Peiper

“As a clinical pediatric dietitian at one of the nations top Children's hospitals,  I have run across many nutritional supplements.  Toddler Health is a unique product that supports a normal healthy diet while offering a hypoallergenic source of protein and an excellent source of calcium along with a great taste.  I not only recommend this product to my patients, but I use it with my own children." ~ Lisa Simone Sharda

Lisa Simone Sharda, RD

America's Most Trusted Natural Pharmacist


"If your child is allergic to certain foods, it can be quite a challenge to find those in the labels because they can be disguised as other words.  I highly recommend 'Toddler Health' products, since they are all natural, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar free." - Dr. Howard Peiper www.moxxmedicalwellness.com

TOP 10 Products of EXPO WEST 2010: 

  “Toddler Health Rice Formula:  This delicious rice-based ‘milk’ is free of soy, dairy, gluten and GMO ingredients. If I had a child on formula, THIS would be the one!  Hand down, it is the tastiest milk alternative that I found at Expo. Adults can drink it straight, use in protein shakes, or as a pediatric formula. - Dr. Suzy Cohen RPh ~ www.dearpharmacist.com

Dr. Michael Carragher

Medical Doctor & Medical Director

Pediatric Dietician Children's Hospital

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Suzy Cohen, RPh

"Toddler Health is a product I recommend because it is beneficial to the health of children.  As many toddler nutritional products add more and more ingredients to outdo competitors, I think one of the primary benefits of Toddler Health is what it DOESN'T have - no sugars or artificial ingredients.  It's a real plus for kids in their toddler years." ~ Mike Carragher MD www.thebodywell.com