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Knowledge is Power.  

At Toddler Health, we believe that knowledge is power.  It is partly our responsibility to help - to give our community, our costumers and our families, a place to start.  There are many websites, blogs and companies online that provide information.  Some of it is biased, paid for by large corporations.  Some of it comes from large foundations such as the ones that we support, who are dedicated to finding solutions for families who are dealing with struggles for their children with either food allergies or diet related conditions.  Some of it is research or experience that comes from the heart. The heart of moms, natural pharmacists, chiropractors, holistic nutritionists, naturopaths or medical doctors who really care about YOUR health.  We salute all of the people, professionals and foundations who put their heart and soul into bringing relative information to the public without being paid to endorse a product/ingredient.  Food sensitivities are real.  Symptoms caused by these food sensitivities or allergies are real.  The helpless feeling of parents when their children are sick is real.  The desire to find solutions to these issues by staying up late looking on the internet for help, talking to other moms, going to the emergency room or doctor's office is real.... THAT is why we would like to help.  We want to be part of the solution.  Let's hold hands and take this journey together.  Be and Stay Informed.  Click on the buttons below to get started: