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                                               Melissa A.

As a mom, I've chosen Toddler Health because of its health benefits. It took me a long time to find a dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free nutritional drink for my kids. It is a bonus that it tastes really good. My kids LOVE the strawberry flavor, in particular. If I may also share, we used to purchase separate DHA -and- probiotic -and- powdered veggie/fruit supplements for our kids. Before Toddler Health, we would mix all previously mentioned supplements into their non-dairy drinks. We do try to have a healthy, balance diet (every meal, every day) but don't want to miss out on great products that could help them in their development and growth. I think Toddler Health is also perfect for picky-eaters. My kids have good appetite, but some days, like when we're on road trips or family outings, it can be quite challenging to pack (and to find places that serve) good, healthy food and drinks that are also dairy-free (and gluten-free and soy-free)... it's nice to have a complete nutrition drink for them handy.

Christina Bingham

Dallas, TX

 Dear Toddler Health,

I wanted to thank you for being part of our lives for the past 5 years. My daughter Hanna was born 6 years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth.  A pinched nuchal chord and one minute with no air left a perfectly health 9lb 2oz  baby with a diagnosis of Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.... It's a long story but a simple "Thank You" would not express the gratitude I have for your product. I commend you Lin Young for putting it out there and wanted you to know you changed all of our lives for the better. 


Judith Babinec


We owe a great deal of gratitude because if it wasn't for your product, Toddler Health, my pumpkin would still be home hospital ( he was home hospital for over 2 years).   We are going to send you a picture of Ricky holding on to his shake at school and when he goes to sleep.  Instead of a teddy bear, his milk shake is his companion to bed.

Eternally grateful!!


Low Blood Iron Reversed    
J. Porras
Harlingen, TX
              Thank you so much for Toddler Health. My 13 month old son was diagnosed with low blood iron. I started giving him Toddler Health with his milk and in three weeks he no longer had this condition. Thank you!!      

Two year old Daughter   
My daughter is two years old and has a mind of her own, some days she eats great, other days it is a struggle to get her to eat at all. In the past this would make me worry that she was not getting her daily nutrition. Thanks to Toddler Health I no longer have to worry, because everyday I know she is getting what she needs, even on the days she does not eat much at all. Not only do I love Toddler Health, but she does too. Thank you for such a great product and some peace of mind.

Raised $10,000

Rachel Johnson, President


   I would like to thank you and Toddler Health for sponsoring the Halloween 13 Event. With your help, we were able to raise $10,000 for people with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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Food Allergies solved!

Tanya and Layton

Atlanta, GA

My son Layton has been on this formula since he was 1 years old. He is now 4. He loves the chocolate, banana flavors but his favorite is vanilla. He is allergic to wheat, soy and dairy. We searched to find a formula that met his nutritional needs and his allergies. The staff is friendly , helpful and knows me and my order when I call. Great product and great people 😃

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