About Us



In 1999, there was a little boy who by the age of 3 had to have drains put in his ears because of the antibiotics he had taken for ear infections, chronic colds and upper respiratory infections. He had been on antibiotics most of his tender life. His mom had to quit her job because he was so sick all the time and they were at their wit's end. After a consultation, we identified the culprit. He was allergic to both milk and wheat. Relieved to know, yet frustrated, the mom asked me "what can I give him then to make sure that he gets his nutrition?" I couldn't answer that – I said you cannot give him anything with sugar since that feeds bacteria and you cannot give him milk or bread – my best advice is to give him water to drink and make sure he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. Do the best you can with what is available.


This little boy’s story is similar to a lot of little children and parents who are going through the same struggles. It is also my story. When I was a toddler, I was really sick. My parents had no clue that I had allergies to cow's milk. It was my only nutrition after breastfeeding. I had my tonsils removed by age 3 and was rushed to the hospital numerous times for asthma attacks prompted by my allergies. Because I was allergic to dairy and that was my only nutrition, those allergies escalated into allergies to a myriad of things:  foods, cats, dust, cheese, butter, ice cream and sugar. I suffered from eczema and had skin patches behind my legs and on my arms. Into adulthood, I was a regular customer of a product called Allerest.

Some years later, armed with new knowledge acquired when I pursued my degree in Holistic Nutrition, I knew that when my own son Kai was born, I wanted to be part of the solution for both parents and their children ~ thus the quest began. Working with a team of nutritionists, ethnobotanist, herbologist, food scientists and pediatric nutritionists, Toddler Health, a line of hypoallergenic & nutritious, easy-to-prepare drink mixes for children 13 months and beyond, was developed. This delicious, Non-Gmo product made with organic ingredients is designed to help busy parents start their toddlers on the path of good health.

We believe in "Go into the world and Do Good.  It hasn't been easy but it has been completely worth it ~ With every family who has benefitted from Toddler Health, we are encouraged and motivated to continue the work of finding solutions for good nutrition for kids. As a mother, it is my responsibility to be a positive force in my community.  No shortcuts will be made, no compromise in quality of ingredients.  Every child deserves to have the best chance in reaching their potential and bring their gifts to the world” ~"   ~ Lin Young, mom 

Lin Young is the CEO of Simply Toddler and her son Kai has thrived, attending a progressive College Prep High School supporting STEM, Arts and Sciences. He is a rising senior in Los Angeles, CA with his sights on the Engineering and Computer Science fields. He is athletic, healthy, happy and smart!!!