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Kai then…

Kai then…

In 1999, there was a little boy who by the age of 3 had to have drains put in his ears because of the antibiotics he had taken for ear infections, chronic colds and upper respiratory infections. He had been on antibiotics most of his tender life. His mom had to quit her job because he was so sick all the time and they were at their wit's end. After a consultation, we identified the culprit. He was allergic to both milk and wheat. Relieved to know, yet frustrated, the mom asked me "what can I give him then to make sure that he gets his nutrition?" I couldn't answer that – I said you cannot give him anything with sugar since that feeds bacteria and you cannot give him milk or bread – my best advice is to give him water to drink and make sure he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. Do the best you can with what is available.


This little boy’s story is similar to a lot of little children and parents who are going through the same struggles. It is also my story. When I was a toddler, I was really sick. My parents had no clue that I had allergies to cow's milk. It was my only nutrition after breastfeeding. I had my tonsils removed by age 3 and was rushed to the hospital numerous times for asthma attacks prompted by my allergies. Because I was allergic to dairy and that was my only nutrition, those allergies escalated into allergies to a myriad of things:  foods, cats, dust, cheese, butter, ice cream and sugar. I suffered from eczema and had skin patches behind my legs and on my arms. Into adulthood, I was a regular customer of a product called Allerest.

Some years later, armed with new knowledge acquired when I pursued my degree in Holistic Nutrition, I knew that when my own son Kai was born, I wanted to be part of the solution for both parents and their children ~ thus the quest began. Working with a team of nutritionists, ethnobotanist, herbologist, food scientists and pediatric nutritionists, Toddler Health, a line of hypoallergenic & nutritious, easy-to-prepare drink mixes for children 13 months and beyond, was developed. This delicious, Non-Gmo product made with organic ingredients is designed to help busy parents start their toddlers on the path of good health.


We believe in "Go into the world and Do Good.  It hasn't been easy but it has been completely worth it ~ With every family who has benefitted from Toddler Health, we are encouraged and motivated to continue the work of finding solutions for good nutrition for kids. As a mother, it is my responsibility to be a positive force in my community.  No shortcuts will be made, no compromise in quality of ingredients.  Every child deserves to have the best chance in reaching their potential and bring their gifts to the world” ~"   ~ Lin Young, mom 

Lin Young is the CEO of Simply Toddler and her son Kai has thrived, attending a progressive College Prep High School supporting STEM, Arts and Sciences. He is a rising senior in Los Angeles, CA with his sights on the Engineering and Computer Science fields. He is athletic, healthy, happy and smart!!!



Members:  Barbara Apps, Dr. Doug Bibus, Dr. Dennis McKenna, Dr. Ligia Marcos, Barry Craft 

The Advisory/Scientific Board members assist us in the Big Picture for operations and marketing.  We meet to discuss current strategies, raw ingredients and suppliers, the market demands and how we can help meet those.  The members are invaluable to the operations team and we absolutely love working with them and brainstorming how to improve every aspect of our business operations.   Most of the Board members have been with us since the idea was born, some 17 years ago.  We hope to make them proud always.



Our MEAB members are first and foremost Moms.   Moms who looked for options or alternatives to get proper nutrition for their precious and treasured children. Our MEAB members use Toddler Health every day with their little ones.  They are our soundboard, our focus group, sometimes they are our therapists and always they are our friends.  They help us with design and with formulation, with tastings and with flavor approval.  They are our Brand Ambassadors.  We know that we are creating products for their kids and we know that if their child approves the taste, we are on solid ground. For their commitment to the brand and to helping us help other families, we are sincerely and deeply grateful.  We have their permission to share some of their own personal stories and we hope that makes you, the reader and prospective customer, feel great about your decision to try Toddler Health and incorporating it into the daily routine of your family's needs..

If you would like to ask one of our moms a question, please email info@toddlerhealth.net and specify which mom you'd like to connect with


Mrs. Crystal White

As a mom we only want the best for our child(ren). Toddler Health Nutritional Shake IS the best for them and tastes great too!  Toddler Health provides my son with all the nutrients and all the good stuff a normal two year old wouldn't or can't eat.
Raising a child with Aspergers was not in the plans but providing their little guts with exactly what they need is crucial to their health. Toddler Health Nutritional Shake provides my son with everything from Pre/probiotics and extra help with digestive enzymes. It's rice based, dairy free, gluten free but tastes great! Better then the other brands out there. Believe me we've tried them all. My son chose Toddler Health, not us.  We are just over the moon Toddler Health is there to chose from. We couldn't imagine life without it.

Discovering your child is allergic to milk, eggs, gluten. Whatever the allergy is it's scary. With Toddler Health Nutritional Shake you don't have to be scared anymore. A product designed by a Mom for her child, for parents with children who suffer from allergies. It provides them everything they need to grow and learn and doesn't have all the sugars the other brands have. You can feel good about giving them Toddler Health especially when they're being their normal picky two year old selves.
We LOVE Toddler Health because Toddler Health LOVES our son!

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Amanda Schultz

I feel like I'm called to share this product because it has changed our lives. It's bringing Mason to health and in return we have a happy baby and happy parents. It's just been the longest road.... God is telling me to spread the good news.  And I had a dream I did samples and cups and babies everywhere were drinking Toddler Health. It's extreme I know, but to me it's a must. All moms should know this product is out there. I've been researching and all the major formula companies have a "toddler" formula.

And that stuff is not good for our growing toddlers!!! I feel strongly about this. Even if a toddler doesn't have a milk or soy allergy, this product's benefits way outweigh any of the toddler drinks out there!!!!! In my experience at the ages 1-4 children are mostly "picky" eaters making this product perfect to fill in the gaps! Nutrition wise this is the best out there. Just not everyone knows it's out there!!!!


Mrs. Brittany Bender

My daughter has very severe (EpiPens everywhere) life-threatening allergies to dairy, egg, peanuts, & tree nuts, as well as eczema. The road to finding out was a rough one, to say the least.........We had started to make the switch from formula to almond milk, when we found out at her two year check up that she wasn’t gaining enough weight. Her pediatrician recommended keeping her on the formula to help, not only with weight gain, but to fill any nutritional gaps in her restricted diet.

 Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I became a huge fan of doing my own research (and rightfully so!). After realizing that hydrolyzed formulas are “hypoallergenic”, rather than non-dairy, I started to wonder if even though she was not having a full blown reaction to it, it could be a contributing factor to things like her allergies getting worse and her fairly severe eczema.  After confirmation from her allergist that this could very well be the case, I started the search for an actual non-dairy option. Trust me when I say, Toddler Health is the only one!!


Mrs. Michelle Cottrell

My daughter has leukemia and we’ve been trying to find an affordable dairy free supplement that she will drink so she can get her feeding tube taken out. Id really like to try this. She is 4, loves chocolate, and her name is Annara. She hates Neocate and refuses to drink it and I have been unable to find a way to make it palatable for her. HELP!! 


The success of any company, any brand, anything worth doing, is not only dependent but impossible without a team who work diligently to promote, who believe in the mission, who sacrifice precious time so that we can deliver what we hope will be beneficial for all kids.   We have a fantastic staff who receive and take orders, ship and follow up and communicate with the end customer.  Alongside our office staff, we have an Advisory Board, A Scientific Board and a Moms Advisory Board.  Please allow us to share them with you so you know that you are in the best hands.  Gratitude for all of these individuals will always fall short because we can never thank them enough.

Lin photo w background.png


Lin oversees our day to day operations.  Nutrition is her passion.  Parenting challenges is her motivation for the determination in negotiating with our manufacturing partners to make healthy products for kids, maintaining the integrity and quality of ingredients. She studied Holistic Nutrition and applies those values to the formulation aspect as well as line development.  When she is not working, her hobbies include dancing, yoga, and travel.  The center of her universe is her son, Kai for whom the quest for better nutrition for kids was initiated.

jackie Daley.jpg


Jackie is our Accounting and Administration Director.   Majoring at  Florida State in Management and  Administration, she has vast know-ledge of the Financial field and Operations.  She has managed our accounts since the company opened its doors in 2005.  She is the most important part of our Management team and nothing gets done without her approval.   She makes it easy for the rest of the staff to do what needs to get done for the benefit of our customers.  Her hobbies are sports and musicals.   She was a former volleyball player for Florida State University.

Headshot Augusta 1.jpg

Social Media Director

Augusta is our Social Media Director.  A graduate of UT Austin, she brings her experience of networking events to our cause to inform our audience with info, stories and real life struggle quotes.   She is passionate about serving her community and worked many mission trips in building housing on various continents as her commitment to those less fortunate and her way of giving back. She has an eye for design with her love of photography and a knack of object placements to capture the perfect image.  Follow her work on our social media sites.  Augusta loves anything as long as it is outdoors, serving on mission trips, singing and playing guitar around campfires and backpack traveling while exploring the world.


Marketing & Advertising

Ciara is our Marketing and Advertising Manager and works closely with Augusta.  Her field of study is in Marketing and Advertising at The University of Arizona.  She understands that the message and the integrity of a brand has to address a need in the marketplace.  She is able to transcend boundaries with her skills and her vision to be inclusive.  Every idea and brainstorm session is valid and then she is able to identify how we can best get the message out to bring awareness to the brand and its benefits.  Because she works closely with Augusta, you will be able to see some of her work on our social Media pages as well.  Ciara is passionate about acting, singing, traveling, hiking, lifeguarding and capturing moments with her wide network of friends and family.

Thank you to all who take their valuable time to leave feedback to help us be better everyday. Together we rise.

Low Blood Iron Reversed     

Thank you so much for Toddler Health. My 13 month old son was diagnosed with low blood iron. I started giving him Toddler Health with his milk and in three weeks he no longer had this condition. Thank you!!      

J. Porras, Harlingen, TX

DAILY NUTRITION for my Two year old Daughter      

My daughter is two years old and has a mind of her own, some days she eats great, other days it is a struggle to get her to eat at all. In the past this would make me worry that she was not getting her daily nutrition. Thanks to Toddler Health I no longer have to worry, because everyday I know she is getting what she needs, even on the days she does not eat much at all. Not only do I love Toddler Health, but she does too. Thank you for such a great product and some peace of mind.

M.R., California


We owe a great deal of gratitude because if it wasn't for your product, Toddler Health, my pumpkin would still be home hospital ( he was home hospital for over 2 years).   We are going to send you a picture of Ricky holding on to his shake at school and when he goes to sleep.  Instead of a teddy bear, his milk shake is his companion to bed.

Judith Babinec, California

Food Allergies solved!

My son Layton has been on this formula since he was 1 years old. He is now 4. He loves the chocolate, banana flavors but his favorite is vanilla. He is allergic to wheat, soy and dairy. We searched to find a formula that met his nutritional needs and his allergies. The staff is friendly , helpful and knows me and my order when I call. Great product and great people 😃

Tanya and Layton,  Atlanta, GA

All in One

As a mom, I've chosen Toddler Health because of its health benefits. It took me a long time to find a dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free nutritional drink for my kids. It is a bonus that it tastes really good. My kids LOVE the strawberry flavor, in particular. If I may also share, we used to purchase separate DHA -and- probiotic -and- powdered veggie/fruit supplements for our kids. Before Toddler Health, we would mix all previously mentioned supplements into their non-dairy drinks. We do try to have a healthy, balance diet (every meal, every day) but don't want to miss out on great products that could help them in their development and growth. I think Toddler Health is also perfect for picky-eaters. My kids have good appetite, but some days, like when we're on road trips or family outings, it can be quite challenging to pack (and to find places that serve) good, healthy food and drinks that are also dairy-free (and gluten-free and soy-free)... it's nice to have a complete nutrition drink for them handy.

Melissa A.


Dear Toddler Health, I wanted to thank you for being part of our lives for the past 5 years. My daughter Hanna was born 6 years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth. A pinched nuchal chord and one minute with no air left a perfectly health 9lb 2oz baby with a diagnosis of Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. We were devastated and afraid, but the harsh reality of living in the NICU the first 6 weeks of her life left us no time to ponder. Hanna was in constant digestive distress. She cried when she was awake, and slept only in small increments of time here and there. We were determined to get to the source of her crying. We all needed sleep, so we visited the best gastro physician we could find. He told us that because of her Cerebral Palsy, motor weakness in her soft organs are going to be a constant source of trouble for her throughout her life. We would be facing," Failure to thrive "issues, reflux issues, constipation, bladder infections. The outlook was bleak and the solutions offered were a list of medications to "manage" whatever issue would arise. My husband and I were convinced there was another way so we scoured the internet and came across a Functional Medicine internist to get a second opinion. After a list of tests, we were told Hanna had an overgrowth of yeast in her system, that yeast "loves" stress and a bad situation in the gut and that Hanna's leaky gut would mean providing her only with foods that are hypo-allergenic and easily digestible so we would spare creating any allergies for her and make it easy on her body to break food down. It seemed too simple. Three days into her round of antifungals and probiotics, she slept for ten hours straight. Life got better and we realized we we're getting a handle on her wellness. In the months that passed we started looking for formula's to give her and could not find anything suitable on the grocery store shelves. Even the "Natural" Grocery store brands did not meet up to our Doctors approval. We lived on Neocate through those months which was very expensive and not a long term solution due to it's corn base. I scoured the internet again and found Toddler Health. I was excited and nervous to bring it to Hanna's doctor, but when we got the thumbs up, we we're elated. We have been on a five year journey of being Gluten, dairy, and soy free and Hanna is doing great. We know all too well that her wellness does not come for free. It requires a constant mindfulness of what she is consuming so we can keep her moving forward. We would not have been able to get her where she is without Toddler Health. It's such a simple idea, a clean, healthy food that can only help your kid thrive, one would think that products like that are readily available, but sadly they just are not, at least not in an obvious way. It's a long story but a simple "Thank You" would not express the gratitude I have for your product. I commend you Lin Young for putting it out there and wanted you to know you changed all of our lives for the better. With Love, Christina Bingham, Dallas,TX.

Christina Bingham, Dallas,TX.



We are deeply honored that the following highly respected professionals have recognized the benefits of

Toddler Health products and given us a thumbs up.



"Toddler Health is a product I recommend because it is beneficial to the health of children.  As many toddler nutritional products add more and more ingredients to outdo competitors, I think one of the primary benefits of Toddler Health is what it DOESN'T have - no sugars or artificial ingredients.  It's a real plus for kids in their toddler years."

~ Mike Carragher MD  



  “Toddler Health Rice Formula:  This delicious rice-based ‘milk’ is free of soy, dairy, gluten and GMO ingredients. If I had a child on formula, THIS would be the one!  Hand down, it is the tastiest milk alternative that I found at Expo. Adults can drink it straight, use in protein shakes, or as a pediatric formula.

~ Dr. Suzy Cohen RPh



“As a clinical pediatric dietitian at one of the nations top Children's hospitals,  I have run across many nutritional supplements.  Toddler Health is a unique product that supports a normal healthy diet while offering a hypoallergenic source of protein and an excellent source of calcium along with a great taste.  I not only recommend this product to my patients, but I use it with my own children."

~ Lisa Simone Sharda


"As a Health Coach and Acupuncture professional, one of the areas that affect our energy and well being is our diet and that is why it is important to read labels and to shop consciously.  I find that Toddler Health has a really balanced ingredients list which support the nutrient requirements for kids to get off to a healthy start.  The option of having a hypoallergenic product on the market for all kids but especially to those with food sensitivities is wonderful"

~ Shannon Finnesy