Members:  Barbara Apps, Dr. Doug Bibus, Dr. Dennis McKenna, Dr. Ligia Marcos, Barry Craft 

The Advisory/Scientific Board members assist us in the Big Picture for operations and marketing.  We meet to discuss current strategies, raw ingredients and suppliers, the market demands and how we can help meet those.  The members are invaluable to the operations team and we absolutely love working with them and brainstorming how to improve every aspect of our business operations.   Most of the Board members have been with us since the idea was born, some 17 years ago.  We hope to make them proud always.



Our MEAB members are first and foremost Moms.   Moms who looked for options or alternatives to get proper nutrition for their precious and treasured children. Our MEAB members use Toddler Health every day with their little ones.  They are our soundboard, our focus group, sometimes they are our therapists and always they are our friends.  They help us with design and with formulation, with tastings and with flavor approval.  They are our Brand Ambassadors.  We know that we are creating products for their kids and we know that if their child approves the taste, we are on solid ground. For their commitment to the brand and to helping us help other families, we are sincerely and deeply grateful.  We have their permission to share some of their own personal stories and we hope that makes you, the reader and prospective customer, feel great about your decision to try Toddler Health and incorporating it into the daily routine of your family's needs..

If you would like to ask one of our moms a question, please email and specify which mom you'd like to connect with


Mrs. Crystal White

As a mom we only want the best for our child(ren). Toddler Health Nutritional Shake IS the best for them and tastes great too!  Toddler Health provides my son with all the nutrients and all the good stuff a normal two year old wouldn't or can't eat.
Raising a child with Aspergers was not in the plans but providing their little guts with exactly what they need is crucial to their health. Toddler Health Nutritional Shake provides my son with everything from Pre/probiotics and extra help with digestive enzymes. It's rice based, dairy free, gluten free but tastes great! Better then the other brands out there. Believe me we've tried them all. My son chose Toddler Health, not us.  We are just over the moon Toddler Health is there to chose from. We couldn't imagine life without it.

Discovering your child is allergic to milk, eggs, gluten. Whatever the allergy is it's scary. With Toddler Health Nutritional Shake you don't have to be scared anymore. A product designed by a Mom for her child, for parents with children who suffer from allergies. It provides them everything they need to grow and learn and doesn't have all the sugars the other brands have. You can feel good about giving them Toddler Health especially when they're being their normal picky two year old selves.
We LOVE Toddler Health because Toddler Health LOVES our son!

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Mrs. Amanda Schultz

I feel like I'm called to share this product because it has changed our lives. It's bringing Mason to health and in return we have a happy baby and happy parents. It's just been the longest road.... God is telling me to spread the good news.  And I had a dream I did samples and cups and babies everywhere were drinking Toddler Health. It's extreme I know, but to me it's a must. All moms should know this product is out there. I've been researching and all the major formula companies have a "toddler" formula.

And that stuff is not good for our growing toddlers!!! I feel strongly about this. Even if a toddler doesn't have a milk or soy allergy, this product's benefits way outweigh any of the toddler drinks out there!!!!! In my experience at the ages 1-4 children are mostly "picky" eaters making this product perfect to fill in the gaps! Nutrition wise this is the best out there. Just not everyone knows it's out there!!!!


Mrs. Brittany Bender

My daughter has very severe (EpiPens everywhere) life-threatening allergies to dairy, egg, peanuts, & tree nuts, as well as eczema. The road to finding out was a rough one, to say the least.........We had started to make the switch from formula to almond milk, when we found out at her two year check up that she wasn’t gaining enough weight. Her pediatrician recommended keeping her on the formula to help, not only with weight gain, but to fill any nutritional gaps in her restricted diet.

 Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I became a huge fan of doing my own research (and rightfully so!). After realizing that hydrolyzed formulas are “hypoallergenic”, rather than non-dairy, I started to wonder if even though she was not having a full blown reaction to it, it could be a contributing factor to things like her allergies getting worse and her fairly severe eczema.  After confirmation from her allergist that this could very well be the case, I started the search for an actual non-dairy option. Trust me when I say, Toddler Health is the only one!!


Mrs. Michelle Cottrell

My daughter has leukemia and we’ve been trying to find an affordable dairy free supplement that she will drink so she can get her feeding tube taken out. Id really like to try this. She is 4, loves chocolate, and her name is Annara. She hates Neocate and refuses to drink it and I have been unable to find a way to make it palatable for her. HELP!!