The success of any company, any brand, anything worth doing, is not only dependent but impossible without a team who work diligently to promote, who believe in the mission, who sacrifice precious time so that we can deliver what we hope will be beneficial for all kids.   We have a fantastic staff who receive and take orders, ship and follow up and communicate with the end customer.  Alongside our office staff, we have an Advisory Board, A Scientific Board and a Moms Advisory Board.  Please allow us to share them with you so you know that you are in the best hands.  Gratitude for all of these individuals will always fall short because we can never thank them enough.

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Lin oversees our day to day operations.  Nutrition is her passion.  Parenting challenges is her motivation for the determination in negotiating with our manufacturing partners to make healthy products for kids, maintaining the integrity and quality of ingredients. She studied Holistic Nutrition and applies those values to the formulation aspect as well as line development.  When she is not working, her hobbies include dancing, yoga, and travel.  The center of her universe is her son, Kai for whom the quest for better nutrition for kids was initiated.

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Jackie is our Accounting and Administration Director.   Majoring at  Florida State in Management and  Administration, she has vast know-ledge of the Financial field and Operations.  She has managed our accounts since the company opened its doors in 2005.  She is the most important part of our Management team and nothing gets done without her approval.   She makes it easy for the rest of the staff to do what needs to get done for the benefit of our customers.  Her hobbies are sports and musicals.   She was a former volleyball player for Florida State University.

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Social Media Director

Augusta is our Social Media Director.  A graduate of UT Austin, she brings her experience of networking events to our cause to inform our audience with info, stories and real life struggle quotes.   She is passionate about serving her community and worked many mission trips in building housing on various continents as her commitment to those less fortunate and her way of giving back. She has an eye for design with her love of photography and a knack of object placements to capture the perfect image.  Follow her work on our social media sites.  Augusta loves anything as long as it is outdoors, serving on mission trips, singing and playing guitar around campfires and backpack traveling while exploring the world.


Marketing & Advertising

Ciara is our Marketing and Advertising Manager and works closely with Augusta.  Her field of study is in Marketing and Advertising at The University of Arizona.  She understands that the message and the integrity of a brand has to address a need in the marketplace.  She is able to transcend boundaries with her skills and her vision to be inclusive.  Every idea and brainstorm session is valid and then she is able to identify how we can best get the message out to bring awareness to the brand and its benefits.  Because she works closely with Augusta, you will be able to see some of her work on our social Media pages as well.  Ciara is passionate about acting, singing, traveling, hiking, lifeguarding and capturing moments with her wide network of friends and family.