Toddler Health was developed as a labor of love from the heart of one of its founders, Lin Young when she saw a need for a HEALTHY product once her own son was being weaned from breasfeeding. 

The development of these products started 5 years ago with nutritionist, pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists, scientists, herbologists of various universities. Today we have developed the BEST product for your toddler.

One serving of Toddler Health helps little ones meet their daily requirements for vitamins, minerals and protein. And preparation is a cinch - just mix a scoop of the powder with your favorite milk and serve. You'll appreciate the organic ingredients, essential fatty acids like DHA, and low levels of natural sweeteners. But all your toddler will notice is the yummy taste. The mix can be added to other milks (dairy or non-dairy) and mixed in with cereal or in milkshakes to ensure that the toddler gets their adequate nutritional needs met. Interesting Tidbits: *Hypoallergenic *Independently tested for any impurities and high quality control *Dairy, Soy and Gluten free ToddlerHealth includes added value ingredients with targeted benefits such as: immune boosters, antioxidants, prebiotics, for digestive health, fiber to aid constipation and colon health, phytonutrients for picky eaters and Omega3 (DHA)for brain development & support

Toddler Health